Neighborhoods: Where Detroit Lives


Neighborhoods: Where Detroit Lives


Oral histories about Detroit's neighborhoods.

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Wanda Black
Wanda Black discuss the neighborhoods she has lived in across Detroit.

Wyleana Bivins
In this interview, Wyleana talks about moving to Detroit, her experience growing in Detroit, the 1963 march, the 1967 uprising, and what life was like before and after those events.

Kate Brennen
In this interview, Brennen discusses the current state of Hubbard farms, how it has changed from when she first moved her and why she loves it.

John Brooks
In this interview, John discusses his family’s move to Detroit, his experience of the 1967 uprising, what he thinks of Detroit today, and his involvement with the Jay Hawkers Motorcycle Club.

Ronda McIntosh
In this interview, Ronda discusses growing up in Detroit, the 1967 uprising, and all the different neighborhoods she lived in growing up.

Nick Sinacori
In this interview, Nick Sinacori talks about growing up in the Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood and its roots as the Village of Fairview.

Frances McDonald
In this interview, Frances talks about life growing up in the Old Redford neighborhood. She talks about the schools, activities, and changes she noticed in the area throughout her time living there.

Kirk McVittie
In this interview, Kirk talks about growing up in Warrendale, the lack of integration at the time, and the later Copper Canyon aspect of the neighborhood.

Robert Murdock
Murdock talks about his experiences growing up in Cass Corridor and Southwest Detroit. He also talks about why he loves his neighborhood and what he feels needs to change.

Rosalind Nelson
In this interview, Rosalind Nelson discusses her childhood memories and jobs from growing up in Midtown and the activities that they used to do within their neighborhood along with the downtown area. She also discusses the issues within the inner…

Donna Palmer
In this interview, Donna Palmer discusses growing up in Detroit’s University district, more specifically the changes that she’s seen the area go through over time and what she expects to see moving forward.

Frank Rashid
In this interview, Rashid discusses growing up in a changing neighborhood in Detroit. He discusses the businesses his family owned, and his experiences growing up around a time of social change. He also discusses some of the things he thinks will…

Christine Rogers
In this interview, Christine Rogers discusses her neighrborhood, Lafayette Park.

Carolyn Sanders
In this interview Carolyn talks about growing up in a diverse neighborhood right off of Six Mile. She highlights the easy-going nature of her neighborhoods which made her want to live in Detroit and raise her family. She discusses many things…

Roberta Sanders
In this interview, Roberta Sanders discusses her experience in Virginia Park, and her enjoyment and involvement of the community.

Rosemary Schofield
In this interview, Schofield describes growing up in the multiracial community in Mexicantown. She discusses the activities done within the neighborhood, friends and neighbors in the neighborhood, and what stores, housing, and schools within that…

Sheila Sharpe
In this interview, Sharpe examines her childhood living in inner city Detroit and the experiences she had growing up as a child along with her experiences as a teenager. She also discusses the state of her current neighborhood of residence and its…

Dwight Stackhouse
In this interview, Dwight discusses growing up in the North Corktown/Briggs neighborhood. He discusses what life was like for him growing up in a poor neighborhood as a young African-American boy. He describes the neighborhood and the people who live…

Karen Tarnas
In this interview, Tarnas discusses growing up in the city, in both the Boston-Edison neighborhood. She discusses what she and her siblings did growing up and what the neighborhood was like. She talks about how the neighborhood has changed from the…

Venita Thompkins
In this interview, Venita discusses her experiences while growing up in Virginia Park District and how over time, things have changed. She talks a lot about how her community has come together as a cohesive unit to achieve goals set make her…
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