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In this interview, Walter and Wallace Crawford discuss growing up in Detroit and their experiences during the 1967 disturbance.

In this interview, Ken Reeves shares his experience of growing up in Detroit, particularly in his church community, and his personal experience of the 1967 rebellion.

In this interview, Ronald Lockett shares his memories of growing up Detroit, and the events of 1967. As a teenager, he worked for Famous Furniture but was fired when the store re-opened later in the summer of 1967. He speaks to what he saw at the…

In this interview, Larry Shirley discusses his experiences during the events of July 1967 when he first heard about the disturbance and the immediate changes he experienced at his job working at Crawley’s in downtown Detroit.

In this interview, Stoudamire explains the 67 project broadly and its intent on the city of Detroit. Stoudamire also tells the current account of the city and the problems surrounding it, but also of the things that are changing.
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