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On July 28, 1967, George and Willetta and their sons drove through Dearborn, Michigan to pick up their aunt on the way to Bad Axe when they were stopped by a police officer who told them they must leave the city.

Harriet Berg and her husband were not in Detroit in July 1967. They had rented their home to a young attorney from New York City who was considering a job with a Detroit law firm. During the unrest, he and his family left the city abruptly, leaving…

Sheryl Davies recalls her experience of hiring a private plane when the international border crossing was closed off in July 1967, denying her access to Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

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John Porter was a college student living in Albion in July 1967. He and a friend came to Detroit for the day on July 22 and saw folk and blues bands play at a nightclub called The Chessmate.
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