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Kathleen Gapa was a University of Michigan student working in the Detroit School System the summer of 1967. She and a colleague had taken students to Ann Arbor for the weekend and came back to tanks and soldiers.

In this interview, DeYoung discusses her experiences of the 1967 disturbance and how it affected her life. Additionally, she speaks about her 35 year career at the Detroit Police Department and how the department, and the city, operated and changed…

In this interview, Hamlin discusses growing up in Mississippi, his time at the University of Michigan and in the military, and his role as an organizer with the Inner City Voice and the League of Revolutionary Black Workers. ***NOTE: This…

Sandy Livnat was a student at the University of Michigan in July 1967. He was working at a summer camp in northern Oakland County and returned home to help secure the family business in Oak Park.
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