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Patricia Stoppella


Patricia Stoppella was dating a Detroit Fireman in July of 1967. They spent the day on the river and came back to the city to find fires and National Guardsman.


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Detroit Riots of 1967
It was July 1967 in a very hot & humid Detroit. I was 24 years old, dating a Detroit fireman. On that particular Sunday, a group of us went “down to the River” for a day of boating. Although the radio had been on all day, there was never a word mentioned about what was happening in the City. We were unaware of any problem until driving down Woodward Avenue. There was a National Guard on every street corner with their guns “at the ready”. The fellow driving in the car behind ours was shot! It was terrifying!
Remember … I was with a fireman. We saw a fire at the Boulevard just the other side of the John R Freeway, and drove to it. He couldn’t understand why there was no fire truck on the scene. (Later, we learned firemen were being shot when they responded to a call.) A group of rioters had gathered around the fire … they started rocking our car, chanting “burn, baby, burn”. It was terrifying!
Later that evening, a few blocks away, I heard gunfire from the Howard Johnson Motel (seen on tv). The shootings and gunfire destroyed the Motel.
I was staying with friends at 6 Mile and Woodward, as random shootings were not uncommon; and, the public was warned to stay inside. It was 3 days before I was able to get home. When my fireman went to work, he was shot at … the fellow next to him was hit.
The scuttlebutt at the time, was rioters from Pontiac would meet rioters from Detroit in the Northland parking lot, a shopping center, near my home. That did not happen.
I do not recall when the City went back to work. However, the first day back, as we were leaving the Argonaut Building (where I was employed), a sniper on the General Motors Building (across the street) was shooting at, and, trying to hit us.
I left Detroit the following February 1968.

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