Hustle: Black Entrepreneurship in Detroit


Hustle: Black Entrepreneurship in Detroit


Detroit Historical Society


Detroit Historical Society



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Tyrell Slappey, Markita Richardson, and Terrence Crowell talk about the creation of Round One gaming lab.

In this interview, Marlynne Kay Willingham tells the story and creation of her business, Art in Motion.

In this interview, Kyana Tate tells her story of growing up and finding her passion.

In this interview, Emmanuel Smith talks about his life and the formation of his business, Mr. E in the D

In this interview Orson Porter talks about his time growing up in Detroit and his business Orson's Collision and auto repair.

In this interview, Khali Sweeney talks about running a boxing gym and growing up on the East side of Detroit.

In this interview Emmalene Hunter talks about the creation of the Fashion Place, her business that she founded after the 1967 Rebellion.

In this interview, Patrick Hines talks about his past and being from North Carolina as well as his organization Functional Fluidics.

In this interview, Luci Butts talks about her business Chilled Peels Lemonade, as well as discussing being raised in Detroit.

In this interview, Lorenzo Pearson talks about his business Untouchable Empire unisex salon, and his story of what led to the creation of his business.

In this interview, Kelli and Jordyn talk about their backgrounds and the mother-daughter business they started in 2021.

In this interview Ricky Blanding talks about history and his business Scrap Soils.

In this interview, Marc D'Andre talks about his radio company Seven Mile

In this interview, Arthur Davis talks about his security business, Work of Art Executive Protection.

In this interview, the Thomas family talks about their family business Sweet Potato Sensations and the company’s beginnings.

In this interview, Djenaba Ali talks about the honor of being a part of the Hustle Project and her business Black Bottom Garden Center.

In this interview, Algernon Bartell talks about owning five different businesses in the Detroit area.

In this interview, Frederick Paul talks about growing up in Detroit and how it led to the launch of his business Fahrenheit 313.

In this interview, Sherrie Savage talks about her life growing up, her schooling, and her business.

In this interview, Mykolas Rambus talks about his privacy protection service Hush.
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