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  • Collection: Hustle: Black Entrepreneurship in Detroit

In this interview, Ali Omar talks about being a part of the Hustle project, his business and growing up.

In this interview, Candice Williams talks about being the owner of Bark's Fifth Avenue as well as being raised in Detroit.

In this interview, Arthur C Davis talks about his security business Security a Work of Art Executive Protection.

In this interview, Catherine Coleman talks about growing up in a Detroit neighborhood and the creation of her bounce house business.

In this interview, Carl Hollier talks about being born in Detroit and how that shaped him growing up.

in this interview, Nya Marshall talks about being born and raised in Detroit and owning two businesses.

In this interview, Akil Alivn talks about his business Digital Detroit Media also known as DDM which was founded in 2013.

In this interview, Latricia Wilder walks about her business Vibe Ride and her story of being a native Detroiter.

In this interview, Seajoseffer Spencer talks about his restaurant and partner of the business Doug Morrison.

In this interview, Alison Vaughn talks about her business in Detroit, Jackets for Jobs.

In this interview, Adrienne Bennett talks about being nominated for the Hustle project and her business Benkari, LLC Plumbing, Water Quality and Conservation.

In this interview, Mykolas Rambus talks about his privacy protection service Hush.

In this interview, Sherrie Savage talks about her life growing up, her schooling, and her business.

In this interview, Frederick Paul talks about growing up in Detroit and how it led to the launch of his business Fahrenheit 313.

In this interview, Algernon Bartell talks about owning five different businesses in the Detroit area.

In this interview, Djenaba Ali talks about the honor of being a part of the Hustle Project and her business Black Bottom Garden Center.

In this interview, the Thomas family talks about their family business Sweet Potato Sensations and the company’s beginnings.

In this interview, Arthur Davis talks about his security business, Work of Art Executive Protection.

In this interview, Marc D'Andre talks about his radio company Seven Mile

In this interview Ricky Blanding talks about history and his business Scrap Soils.
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